Soup and bread

Seafood Soup

Fresh seafood simmered in broth with spices & herbs

Prawn Bisque

Homemade soup from shell fish served with a dash of cream and prawn meat.

Mushroom Soup

Fresh, creamy and loaded with mushrooms

Garlic Bread

Toasted baguette with butter and garlic

Mushroom Bruschetta

Golden brown wholemeal bread with sauteed mushroom

Salmon Head Soup

Salmon head in tomato sauce with olive and herbs.


Grilled fish/ breaded chicken served on wholemeal bread with mixture of greens.

Cheesy Bread

Baked baguette with cheese and tomato puree. 


Stuffed Bread

Farmer bread stuffed with minced chicken/beef with olive, cheese, pickles, vegetables and topped with mayonnaise.

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